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Balloon Tower - Zamperla (Ref: FA201)

Park model or trailer mounted, good delivery time.

This ride is fantastic for the children. With it's 8 balloons which each sit up to 6 children the Zamperla lifts from the ground over 20 feet and revolved around it's center.

Children and adults love this charming ride.


Delta Fly Skymaster - Moser Rides (Ref: WK601)

With it's great free flight sensation the Delta Fly Skymaster is a real winner. It has 18 special rotating winged seating positions and really getting the heart pumping.


Chaos (Afterburner) Riide - KMG (Ref: WK602)

This is a great thrill ride. With 4 seats per arm and 8 arms around a spinning centre the Chaos, also known as Kickback and Afterburner, is a great high speed ride.

Good availability and good delivery time.


Wave Swinger (Chair o Planes) - Various (Ref: MI010F)

Superb and attractive traditional Victorian Style attraction, brought up to date to increase your fun as this ride swings and tilts, throwing you up in the air, but we are pleased to say bringing you back again!


Booster - KMG (Ref: )

The Booster, holding a total of 8 people (4 at each side), is a ride that can turn in both directions and hit maximum G forces of upto 3.6. At 6 hours for set up and weighing in at 38 tons, the Booster ride can still fit onto one trailer.


Superbowl - ARM (Ref: MR103)

The Superbowl ride consist of 10 cars which spin freely. The structure of the ride spins clockwise and added excitment, it moves 90 degrees to a vertical position, enhancing the thrill.


Miami (Deep Impact) - KT Enterprises (Ref: WK603)

A well known ride, the Miami (this version called "Deep Impact") is a single platform ride with a holding capacity of 18 persons. The platform is forward facing and connected to two rotating arms which can spin the platform and stop it dead at various points.
Trailer Mounted (1 Trailer)

Required power: N/A


Sky Master - KT Enterprises (Ref: MR 106)

Sky Master also known as the "Extreme Force" or "Shuttle" ride is a single arm ride which can hold up to 36 adults. It is very quick to set up (less than 5 hours) and can fit on a 40ft trailer. The dimensions of the ride are W17.6m x H18.4m


Pirate Boat - Zamperla (Ref: WK604)

Pirate Boat Ride. Family attraction and now much in demand for corporate work. Semi portable and in first class condition, can be viewed in operation and available at end of summer season.


Wild Mouse - Reverchon (Ref: RC401)

A giant roller coaster that can bring Blackpool's Pleasure Beach to your venue! Great fun with music and lights that almost drown out the happy screams of the riders as they are flung around this switchback sensation.

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