Miami 2000

The Mannings’ Organisation appreciate that buying and selling equipment is just part of the work that our clients deserve from us. We can not only source and identify superb attractions but also offer a full after sales service to ensure that everything we sell to you has a long and useful life span.

We will travel to your locations and work to train your staff in the operation and the maintenance of the equipment once you have purchased this, and are always available to assist with a comprehensive after sales service.

Move It

We can also offer a full servicing facility here at our home base available for all, so below you will find details of the facilities we offer to our clients and also to others from the industry.

In addition to our sales and hire services, we also offer a full servicing facility at our premises just outside London. For instance, here we show work we undertook on a Miami Trip 2000 model that ensured this was brought up to the highest standards of safety and mechanical efficiency necessary for operating at leisure parks in 2008.

Big Truck

Not only can we undertake mechanical repairs but can also work on the trim and appearance of rides. Here we demonstrate our success in completely Sandblasting a Move It ride, then checking all metal work and welds prior to this being completely repainted. We ensure that the basis of any ride is in first class condition prior to adding the finishing touches of the painting and decoration.

This collection of images demonstrates our ability to fully upgrade a children’s ride to ensure it meets the rigorous safety standards quite rightly demanded for operation. We can fulfil this work on major rides or children’s attractions as all need and deserve equal treatment.